The Colorado Hat Company Story... 

We're a team of passionate graphic and apparel designers dedicated to conveying authentic style to the Colorado market.  We bring decades of experience with various skill sets to the table, creating one- of-a kind designs, allowing you to display your own unique style.  Our team is made up of outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, anglers, extreme skiers, snowboarders, tattoo artists, painters, book worms, and more.  These varied backgrounds enable us to offer some of the most unique designs possible, and subsequently featured within The Colorado Hat Company.  Expressing our graphic artistry on hats, apparel, bags, and more, has been a phenomenal creative and rewarding venture. The result is kind of like a chemistry set, made up of thread, embroidery machines, computers, craft beer, good pizza, and energy drinks.  We truly appreciate you visiting our store, and hope that you enjoy our designs as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.  Remember that we are here to help.   Please stay in touch, and never hesitate to reach out with a special request.  

Be well, 

The Colorado Hat Company Team